Nokia to cut more than 600 jobs worldwide?

At about the same time with announcing no less than seven new affordable phones (for emerging markets), Nokia has also issued a press release where it talks about renewing and changing some of its activities, in order to meet the business needs and “sharpen its focus on fewer but stronger research areas”.

The Finnish company says that, starting 2009, the changes will affect: about 450 employees from its Markets unit, about 130 employees from the NRC (Nokia Research Center) and 35 employees from other units. 

Nokia doesn’t say that all these employees will be fired, but only “affected”. However, according to Reuters, the 600 workers will actually be laid off.

Nokia also mentioned that it wants to close its site from Turku, Finland, and relocate the activities from there to Salo (also in Finland). The 220 employees from Turku will only be relocated, not fired.   

Source: Nokia

Author: Ilinca Nita

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