Opera Mini for iPhone’s situation clarified

A few days ago, we ran a story that wasn’t entirely shocking. Opera Software wanted to do an Opera Mini for the iPhone, but up to this day the said mobile browser is still nowhere to be found. Taking a piece from Saul Hansell’s interview with Opera CEO Jon Stephenson von Tetzchner, we found that Apple just wouldn’t approve of it in the App Store. Or so we thought…

In a blog post published today, however, Hansell makes it more clear. Even going as far as giving the post a title, “Why You Will Not See Opera Mini on Your iPhone.” In that post, Opera’s chief executive clarifies: Opera Mini for iPhone was more of an “internal project” than one that had management on its back. Though work on the said port had started, the company immediately realized it would all be in vain because Apple won’t permit it as per the iPhone SDK license agreement.

Up to now, Apple hasn’t issued an official statement regarding the matter. But you can bet that whatever happens, Opera Mini won’t be appearing on the iPhone any time soon. At least, not until Apple updates the SDK to allow apps like that.

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Author: David Gonzales

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