T-Mobile Android G1 tethering over USB now possible

What good would an open-source, do-it-all (almost) smartphone be if you can’t tether it to your laptop and share its Internet connection? Yep, no good, that’s why if you’re one of the eager young’ns who’ve jumped the gun on the very first Android-powered phone–the T-Mobile G1–then you’ve got to check out this clever sort of hack.

A so-called Android proxy app has been devised by a certain Graham Stewart, a 28 yr old Software Consultant in Boulder, CO. It’s not supported officially by neither Google nor T-Mobile (and no, not even HTC), but if you try hard enough you’ll probably be able to do it successfully. It allows users to share the T-Mobile G1’s internet connection with PCs/laptops through a USB connection.

All that’s needed to make the method work is to install the Android proxy app and connect the G1 via USB, then follow the instructions provided. Most of those who have tried this method have reported success, however we have not tested this method ourselves and so we cannot verify.

If anything, the curious may always try. Check out the full instructions via the first link below.

Android Proxy App Via Android Guys

Author: David Gonzales

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