Sony Ericsson has Announcement Planned Tomorrow

We are hearing some grumblings down the pipeline about a confirmed Sony Ericsson announcement tomorrow. It looks to be geared toward the Walkman series, as well as a new accessory called the MBS-900 (bluetooth, perhaps?).

While the announcement is confirmed, the news in the rumor mill are that the W705 “Rika” will be announced. Last year on November 6, SE announced a trio of new phones, so I have the feeling that this is just a good day for Sony. Some important person’s birthday, maybe. But the important thing is, we have another new phone to look forward to.

As always, we’re going to keep you updated on what news comes out of headquarters. Meanwhile, enjoy some pics of the W705 courtesy of these guys!


Also rumored is a threaded messaging style, YouTube app built in and a 3.5 mm jack, the first in the Walkman series to be offered. Finally!

via SEMC

Author: Brad Molen

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