Nokia launches Mobile Millennium public pilot with the goal of reducing traffic congestion

Nokia announced today the release of Mobile Millennium, a public pilot for US mobile users who own GPS-enabled handsets. 

Mobile Millennium has the role of gathering and analyzing traffic information by using GPS phones (like Nokia N96, Nokia E71). Nokia says that, by leveraging on real-time data received from GPS phones, traffic problems can be reduced and drivers can make better decisions, like taking alternative routes.

Since users carry their GPS cell phones almost everywhere, traffic flow data can be easily expanded to include not only highways, but also city side streets and rural roads, as well as any other roadway where mobile network coverage is available. 

In order to better analyze the traffic system, Nokia Research Center is collaborating with NAVTEQ, UC Berkeley‘s California Center for Innovative Transportation (CCIT) and the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans).

To join the Mobile Millennium initiative you don’t necessarily have to own a Nokia GPS handset, as the Mobile Millennium application can be used on lots of other GPS phones, as long as they support Java apps and you have an unlimited data plan. 

The Mobile Millennium pilot allows up to 10,000 members to participate and it will end after 6 months. It’s worth mentioning that any data you transmit after joining the pilot will be stripped of individual details, hence the user generated content is anonymous. 

To register and download the Mobile Millennium application to your phone, you should visit the project’s website. The app is not available for the moment, but it will be, later on today.

Author: Ilinca Nita

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