iPhone OS 2.2 coming on November 21st?

While you may still be getting a hang of the iPhone OS 2.1 software update, there’s a rumor right now that the next firmware version refresh might be coming sooner than expected. If all goes as planned, according to an anonymous insider, “The iPhone OS v2.2 will be given in circulation on 21 November ’08.”

Now that date’s a mere ten days away from today. But though it brings quite a number of new features, it still lacks several things that users have been asking for since day one of the iPhone. But oh well, an update is an update, and there’s still plenty of time in the future to make up for what’s still missing.

And in case you were wondering what’s in store for iPhone OS 2.2 software updaters, here they are, as enumerated by iPhone Hellas:

– New look for the Safari with the Google search bar now occupying its own space on the title bar
– Add toggle On / Off to disable the text auto-correction
– 461 Japanese emoji icons (only available in Japan)
– Support for new languages.
– The Line-in audio is activated and can be used through the headphone jack.
– New features of Maps.app:
Google Street View
Google Transit information – Routes public transport
Walking directions
Location sharing
– New features of the App Store:
The sector ‘Categories’ now shows the icons of the applications instead of the list.
In each page of the application has been added by a button ‘Tell A Friend’ & ‘Report A Problem’.
Added the possibility of scoring the application when the user chooses to delete from the device
– Direct downloading of podcasts from the iTunes Wi-Fi Music Store

There could be more new features than what’s listed above, or not. In any case, it’s still not certain whether the official iPhone OS 2.2 release date really is on November 21st. Good luck to the millions of iPhone owners looking forward to the update if it is, though.

iPhone Hellas via Gizmodo

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