Opera Mini 4.2 beta released for 20 million users worldwide

If you own a handset with a browser that’s not at all inviting, you’ve probably jumped ship long ago and started using Opera Mini since it’s one of the most popular alternative mobile web browsers available. Well, if you are one from the Opera Mini using crowd, then it’s your right to know that the latest beta version of the said mobile web browser has been released, and it’s got several niceties coming along with it to boot.

Opera Mini 4.2 beta is now available for download from Opera’s web site, and its new features include a colorful selection of new skins, improved support for YouTube and other mobile video services on a wider selection of mobile phones. As always, different beta versions are available for different mobile phone models, and every one of Opera Mini’s estimated 20 million users can readily grab it.

What else is new with Opera Mini 4.2 beta? Aside from the selection of skins and improved support for online video, overall performance is also improved because of a newly established server park in the US. Likewise, another Opera product called Opera Link has been improved to support syncing of notes between mobile phones and PCs.

Apart from what’s mentioned, there doesn’t seem to be any indication of surprises tucked up inside the Opera Mini 4.2 beta’s sleeve. If anything else, you are welcome to try and see all the changes for yourself. You can begin by downloading it via the link below.

Download Opera Mini 4.2 beta

Author: David Gonzales

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