First Windows Mobile 6.5 images surface

Since Steve Ballmer mentioned it, the 2009 launch of Windows Mobile 6.5 is not a secret anymore. However, Mr. Ballmer said nothing about the goodies that WM 6.5 will bring to us, so for the moment we can’t say if it will be a major upgrade from WM 6.1 or just a minor one.

Luckily for the fans of Microsoft’s mobile OS, two screenshots with Windows Mobile 6.5 have just leaked on the Web, via Smartphone France.

If we’re to judge upon these images only, the look of Windows Mobile 6.5 is definitely nicer than the one of WM 6.1.

There is a hexagonal menu in this WM 6.5, and I don’t think there’s any other OS / mobile platform to have such a menu.

Of course, these screenshots might actually be fake, especially since that colored Windows logo doesn’t look like it’s genuine. But the French website mentioned above says that the source of the images is a “reliable” one, so I guess we should, for the moment at least, believe it.


Now, until something more official regarding WM 6.5 comes out, we can only hope that everything about it will be as cool as it looks to be now. 

Author: Ilinca Nita

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