Google offers improved search results for iPhone, iPod touch

The iPhone is well known for providing one of the best mobile web experiences, and apparently this (the experience) will be even nicer from now on. Google has announced that it has just enhanced the Google Search result pages as to offer iPhone and iPod touch owners a more efficient and user-friendly way of finding stuff on the big WWW.

From now on, if you’re visiting on an iPhone or iPod touch and search for something, the results will be formatted in such a way that there is no need to scroll side to side to view them.

Also, local search results include click-to-call links and easier to press “Get Directions” links. Even more, in the case of single listings, you get to see maps of the location by default.   


Before you go and try out the new search features, keep in mind that they are only available in English (the US English) and only for iPhone / iPod touch firmware version 2.x.

In the future, the enhanced Google search experience will be available in more languages and for more devices.  

Via Google Mobile Blog

Author: Ilinca Nita

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