Internet Explorer Mobile 6 coming soon, features announced

The folks from Microsoft’s Windows Mobile team might’ve read my post about the future of Fennec and realized they have to do something quick. Or not. But anyway, they’ve announced the availability of emulators and documentation for Internet Explorer Mobile 6, a new mobile web browser to watch out for in the Windows Mobile platform.

It is said that Internet Explorer Mobile 6 will be made available on new Windows Mobile devices “soon,” but it wasn’t specified how soon. Perhaps, while we’re still young, eh Microsoft? They’re promising a high-quality browsing experience with the said mobile web browser, but as always, we’ll have to see it for ourselves to believe.

The Windows Mobile team also highlighted the following new features in Internet Explorer Mobile 6:

- Improved fidelity (support for full fidelity desktop rendering)
– Layout fixes to accommodate a mobile screen (text wrap)
– Enhanced Script and AJAX support (Jscript v5.7 from Internet Explorer 8)
– Improved multimedia experience (Adobe Flash Lite 3.1 for Adobe Flash content)
– Deeper integration with search
– Enhanced cursor navigation model
– Touch and gesture support – pan support
– Multiple zoom levels
– Easy switching between mobile / desktop versions of sites by specifying UA strings.

Also, if you’re interested in test driving it (i.e. you’re a developer), you may do so with the Internet Explorer Mobile 6 emulator.

Via Windows Mobile Team Blog

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