Qualcomm: 30 Snapdragon based devices coming in 2009

Even though Qualcomm’s Snapdragon platform for mobile devices seems like it has remained unnoticed from the day it was announced, don’t let the apparent silence towards it fool you. Currently, Qualcomm says there are at least 15 leading device manufacturers considering the Snapdragon platform to enable mobile computing for their devices, and 30 device designs using the Snapdragon chipset are in development.

Qualcomm’s customers for Snapdragon include Asus, HTC, Samsung, LG, and Foxconn, among many others. It is also said that the very first Snapdragon-based devices could be launched by the first half of next year.

Senior vice president of marketing and product management for Qualcomm CDMA Technologies Luis Pineda says, “Qualcomm introduced Snapdragon to encourage the industry to think outside the box and design devices that fill the niche between the portable communications capabilities of mobile handsets and the computing capabilities of laptops.” Which is perhaps why the company’s platform offers chipsets that are said to feature “a custom gigahertz microprocessor core paired with the Company’s sixth-generation DSP core running at 600 MHz dedicated to applications processing for unsurpassed mobile computing capabilities.”

The platform itself is highly flexible, able to support a wide variety of mobile phone operating systems, such as Windows Mobile, Android, and several Linux-based operating systems. But until one of the 30 device designs that are currently in development gets identified, or one of the companies working with Qualcomm on this platform fesses up, we’re not betting on the supposed 2009 release date.

Author: David Gonzales

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  • wisdom

    For me the real high-tech phone race is the power and “Toshiba TG01 mobile phone” is F A S T E R, it’s the first one to cross the line of 1 GHz processor speed. The phone is a 4.1-inch full touch screen (the largest display in the history of mobile phones), a Qualcomm snapdragon 1GHz chipset, Windows Mobile 6.1, etc. We will probably see the Toshiba TG01 at MWC 2009 and learn more about it.