Nokia E63 clears hurdles of FCC

Usually, it takes newly announced Nokia phones anywhere from a few weeks to months before they pass through and get approved by the FCC. Fortunately for those who’ve been enticed by the “low-end” Nokia E71, the same is not the case this time.

The plastic-clad, 3G-capable Nokia E63 has just been showcased, but not by Nokia. Instead, it’s on the FCC web site. As expected, it effortlessly got its approved. And this is good news especially for those who are looking forward to the day of its release.

It’s worth remembering that the Nokia E63 is nearly an exact replica of the popular Nokia E71, equipped with a nice, rubbery QWERTY keyboard, large screen, and an array of mobile office features as well as many connectivity options. It’s less expensive price doesn’t hurt one, too.

FCC via Engadget Mobile

Author: David Gonzales

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