Symbian S60 App Review: MCleaner – SMS and Caller Blacklist

Was there ever a time when you had to endure receiving tons of text SPAM on your phone, with the occassional bogus “You won the lottery!” kind of calls? Hmm. I’ve had my fair share of such. And I must say, I didn’t enjoy it one bit.

So I scoured the whole universe to its very depth in order to find a one-click solution. It turns out, I needn’t look no further than the Internet. For it is where I’ve found my latest favorite app for S60, MCleaner.

What’s so good about MCleaner?

MCleaner addresses but a very simple issue. If you’re like me, who doesn’t want to be disturbed by messages from unknown senders, or face the hard task of getting interrupted by your local telco trying to sell you ringtones, then MCleaner will be a godsend.

From the very first time you fire it up, it’s going to work its magic. And every message your phone receives from an unknown sender will be automatically sent to the MCleaner quarantine–where it will be kept until you check it yourself to read, reply, or delete it. It’s very neat.

Customizable settings, scheduled monitoring

If you want to customize the app settings, you may do so by accessing “Setup” in the Main Menu. In Setup, you will be able to change basic settings such as:

– White List and Black List sorting
– Actions to be taken for specific types of messages, calls, or data received
– Use (or non-use) of a password
– Scheduled monitoring time

Whenever you receive a message from a black listed number, a blue, unopened envelope signifying it will appear on the upper right corner of the screen, just beside the battery life bars. All calls, including those from unknown numbers which should be black listed, will be accepted by default (though this setting may be changed through the Setup).

Usage and hiccups

In my experience, MCleaner was great. I never had any problems using it, and it always screened messages from those whom I did not want to receive messages from and threw them to the quarantine section with the lot. However, I found that MCleaner identifies numbers with the international standard (that includes country code and/or area code) and so even though my contacts were supposed to be on the White List, they kept appearing on the Black List because I had saved their numbers using the local format (i.e. 09214506479 instead of +639214506479). If you save your contact’s numbers using the international format, you should not encounter this hiccup.


In all, MCleaner is a worthy SMS/call black list app. It’s available as a free download with a limited trial and can be upgraded to the full version for an inexpensive amount. I have tried it once and was convinced: I don’t need anything else for the purpose that it serves.

Author: David Gonzales

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