Fring starts serving ads slowly

I don’t mean to be a pain in the consumer’s arse, but I think it’s about fringing time. It’s about time, I mean, for fring to get back something in return for the awesome VoIP capabilities they’ve been giving our phones for all these years.

So starting now, if you’re one of the “millions of fringsters” around the world who want to make sure that fring remains free to download for all, expect to see some adverts inlaid in the user-interface of fring as you use it. Adverts in the form of banner ads.

For now, the ads are being rolled out on a trial basis to “just a small number of randomly selected fringsters each day,” so there’s still a chance that your fringing experience won’t be tainted with this clever new tactic they’ve cooked up.

But still, seeing a banner ad while you fring isn’t all that bad, especially when one might be able to find even more extra special offers, cool promos & other nice surprises. No word on when they’ll officially announce and launch an ad-ridden version of fring yet, though.

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Author: David Gonzales

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