Qualcomm incorporates Skyhook’s positioning tech into its chips

Convergence isn’t overrated. No, sir. In fact, Qualcomm and Skyhook Wireless think it’s the right thing to do. Which is why Qualcomm’s gpsOne Platform will soon be empowered by Skyhook Wireless’ Wi-Fi positioning system and XPS 2.0 hybrid positioning system.

Both systems offer to give users accurate location information, and they work by “detecting Wi-Fi access points and comparing them against a known database of geo-located points” Not sure yet exactly how that is supposed to work in real life, but with the newly acquired license to put Skyhook’s Wi-Fi positioning system onto its gpsOne positioning technology platform, it should be better than usual.

This adds yet another feature to the gpsOne platform, or as Qualcomm puts it: “Skyhook’s WPS solution will deliver Wi-Fi positioning for gpsOne and enable hybrid location positioning capabilities on select future platforms.”

With the help of Skyhook’s technology, Qualcomm promises to “enable users to obtain location fixes much more rapidly and provide for a more ubiquitous LBS.” Now, if only they would improve the quality of the maps even more, as well as the location-based services themselves, then we’d be impressed.

Via Qualcomm

Author: David Gonzales

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