Vodafone UK’s Christmas line-up announced, freebies abound

Vodafone UK has just announced what’s in store for their customers this Christmas, and we’re sure a lot of people will be happy with what they have to offer. There will be a total of 16 mobile phone exclusives offered, plus a netbook (bet you didn’t see that coming), and several freebies.

Among those included in the mobile phone line-up are the BlackBerry Storm, Samsung Omnia, Sony Ericsson Xperia X1, and Nokia N96 16GB. Sadly, only the BlackBerry Storm will be offered for free, while the Omnia will come in PAYT, and the two other handsets will come with contracts.

Four more Sony Ericsson phones, three Nokia phones, and three Samsung phones will be offered as well. And there’s an extra electronic device in the line-up that’s not a mobile phone but can connect to high-speed data networks just like one: the Dell Inspiron Mini 9.

The Dell Mini 9 will come with mobile broadband built in and a pre-inserted Vodafone SIM so users can quickly access the net with this netbook, like it was meant to happen. It’ll be free on a 2-year agreement, and also comes with a £25 accessory pack.

Now that’s a lot of great phones for a lot of great deals. Your only problem now would be where to get all the money to buy all those.

Via Vodafone UK

Author: David Gonzales

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