Kodak sues LG and Samsung for patent infringement, both will fight back

Samsung and LG may have been churning out the best high-megapixel phones for a while now, but it seems somebody’s not happy with what they’re doing. More to the point, Kodak is displeased at Samsung and LG’s business, and has filed complaints against both companies for infringement of certain digital camera patents.

According to an announcement made by Eastman Kodak, Samsung and LG infringe on patents that cover technology related to image capture, compression and data storage and a method for previewing motion images. At the moment, the damages have not yet been specified in the lawsuit.

Both LG and Samsung have responded, and are going to actively face Eastman Kodak’s lawsuit. Samsung’s Hae Won Choi says her company “is committed to protecting and respecting intellectual property rights,” and that they forbid infringement and unauthorized use of such intellectual property. Meanwhile, LG denies the fact that they’ve violated any of Kodak’s digital camera-related patents.

For now, it is also not yet known on which models the patent infringing digital cameras appeared, and neither LG nor Samsung are planning to file countersuits.

Via Digitimes and CNN Money

Author: David Gonzales

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