LG to launch 125 handsets in 2009?

We already know that LG wants to launch about 10 smartphones in 2009 only. We also know that the South Korean manufacturer further intends to concentrate more on the cheaper side of mobile phones by coming with lots of low-end devices next year.

But color us surprised when we found out that LG plans to release no less than 125 new handset models in 2009, all over the world.

If this is true, the company will have to come up with about 10 phones per month – and not even Nokia, the world’s largest handset manufacturer, does this.  

Of course, launching 125 handsets in 12 months doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve made a good move. If most of those phones won’t have good sales, you can say goodbye to profits in that particular year. But LG has surely thought about this matter and it’s probably confident in the fact that it will manage to have a good year.


According to Pocket-lint, Chang Ma, Vice President of Marketing at LG Mobile, said:

We have to work with different operators in different countries, we don’t think it’s a big number.

We’ll find out soon if we’re going to have so many new LG handsets or if the South Koreans’ plans are to remain… well, just plans. 

Author: Ilinca Nita

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