LG Prada Link appears on FCC web site

As with all electronic devices with wireless capabilities, we knew the LG Prada II‘s companion Bluetooth watch, the LG Prada Link, would appear at the FCC’s web site. But well, it came sooner than expected. Anyway, it’s been mercifully approved, and the FCC’s posted pics, specs, the user manual and all.

Sifting through the user manual, we’ve found additional details about the LG Prada Link. For example, we’ve learned that the watch strap will be made out of “geniune leather” unlike any part of the Motorola clone we told you about earlier (not that we didn’t see that coming).

Also, after its 3-hour charge time, users will be able to use it for approximately 3 days while connected to a phone (or so LG says in its user manual). It is compatible with other Bluetooth-enabled LG mobile phones, and supports both automatic, easy pairing as well as manual pairing.

Unfortunately, the mobile phone which this Bluetooth watch is going to come bundled with hasn’t been approved by the FCC yet (or they still haven’t published its documents). As to why, your guess is good as mine. But both are definitely on their way, so watch out for them in the coming months.


Author: David Gonzales

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