Motorola Aura clone surfaces in China

Your friendly neighborhood China-man has done it again… You know how Motorola has a new “luxury” handset coming just in time for the holidays, and how its design is so weird and yet beautiful that they’re going to do anything to keep second-hand units from hitting eBay?

The Motorola Aura is what I’m talking about, yep, that’s the one. So what is it with that particular handset this time? Well, it’s been cloned.

Such is the fate of an original handset (design, concept, and all). You can see the soon-to-be infamous Motorola Aura clone in its full glory in the photos posted below.

The idea behind the handset pictured above–called the Wingtech D20, if I’m not mistaken–is to simply take everything about the Motorola Aura, downgrade it, use plastic, et voila! We have a new phone for folks on a budget.

I wasted no time in playing with the white version which seemed to be made out of some sort of ceramic material (that turned out to be plastic). And here are the few features that I’ve found.

– Swiveling, switchblade-like design exactly like the one found in the Motorola Aura
– Support for dual-band GSM networks, GPRS Class 10
– 1.5-inch TFT 128 x 128 pixel LCD
– Multi-language support
– MP3 and MP4 player
– USB connectivity
– Up to 4 hours of talk time and 120 hours on standby

Though it may seem fancy at first glance, the white-colored outer-casing is made entirely out of plastic. There’s another version with a rock formation surrounding the screen, but again, these aren’t high-end materials or precious gems of some sort, just plastic that’s been carved out.

Some users might look at this cheapo handset in disdain, but for those who can stand the low-end materials and features, it’s a great chance to answer calls in an unconventional way. Besides, this looks like a way better purchase than a $2,000 handset that you can’t even sell off the Internet. You think?

Author: David Gonzales

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