NTT DoCoMo reaffirms plans to launch Android phone in 2009

Early yesterday we reported that NTT DoCoMo and KT Freetel were working on a new Android smartphone that will be released in 2009. Then, later in the day, in a statement issued by Korea’s KTF, it was made clear that the two wireless carriers actually weren’t working with each other at all, especially not on an open-source smartphone of some sort.

Today, we have yet another update about yesterday’s issue, and this time, any confusion should be cleared once and for all. This is the part where the Android community starts celebrating a bit, and then speculating on what news I will actually spew.

Turns out, NTT DoCoMo really is planning to launch their own Android-powered smartphone in Japan, only they haven’t been discussing with any partners whatsoever, much less with one from Korea like KTF.

Speaking to AFP, an NTT DoCoMo spokesman blames their association with Google as the reason why they’re considering an Android device. “As we are allied with Google, we are considering a commercial mobile device together,” said the spokesman.

Unfortunately, there’s still no hard info on specs, and especially prices, so we’re still kind of stuck on that “OK we’ll make an Android phone” part and don’t know much else about the Japanese wireless carrier’s plans. Hopefully, we’ll get more on that in the near future.


Author: David Gonzales

I run the blogosphere.

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  • jon

    tmobile google phone clip, kinda interesting…

  • David Gonzales

    Yes, and thanks, but that's not related to the story here. Come on, jon, we pay you to post better comments than that!

  • David Gonzales

    Yes, and thanks, but that's not related to the story here. Come on, jon, we pay you to post better comments than that!