Eclipse phone concept doesn’t involve sun, moon

You won’t get many chances to see a real eclipse in your life time, but you can take comfort in the new mobile phone concept that appears here. The mobile phone rendered here is supposed to be called the Eclipse phone, though I have to admit, I’m having a hard time seeing what it has to do with eclipses in the first place.

Apparently, it actually has nothing to do with eclipses at all (just like the music-centric Sanyo Katana Eclipse), and instead, it takes its name from the situation that inspired it. Quite the opposite of the Eclipse Intuit phone concept we showed you back in June, which got its name because it gets power from the sun, by eclipsing it and catching its rays.

Aside from seeming to have a mild case of identity crisis, and not knowing whether it belongs to the past or future, the Eclipse phone doesn’t seem to be good for anything other than calling or texting. Yeah, it has a slick design, but that’s about it. Maybe it would be best put where its designer, Brian Ho, meant for it to be then: the home. That way, it would be useful for bragging to house guests, and out of sight of those who might think of it as a butter knife.

Via Yanko Design

Author: David Gonzales

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