Apple launches iPhone Your Life mini-site

In case the myriad of iPhone-dedicated blogs out on the Internet still haven’t managed to invade your side of the planet, Apple has stepped up to the plate to offer their own mini-site with tips and recommendations for iPhone users.

Called iPhone Your Life, Apple aims to let users in on the latest and greatest things they can do with their devices on this mini-site. They say they want to help users “get the most out of [the] iPhone.” Don’t we all?

iPhone Your Life is divided into five sub-topics, namely: Around Town, World Travel, At Home, Getting Things Done, Fun and Games. Basically, these sub-topics contain short introductions and links to App Store apps that belong in their respective categories, as well as quick tips to help iPhone users learn more about their device.

Ultimately, this will be an official source of iPhone app-related news, so anyone interested in finding out which apps are really worth having on their iPhones, at least as far as Apple’s concerned, would do good to check out and follow this site in the future. Of course, you can also just keep checking Unwired View for the same, what with our weekly iPhone app reviews and all.

Author: David Gonzales

I run the blogosphere.

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