Nokia Build lets French users order custom-designed handsets online

Being a model in Nokia’s Supernova line of handsets, the Nokia 7310 is already eye-catching as it is. But for some users, the design may still seem dull, and could use additional enhancements to liven up its profile.

Enter Nokia France’s Nokia Build online service, which lets users pick custom and rather wildly designed Nokia 7310 Supernovas that would better suit their personality. There are pre-built template designs, as well as the option to create a completely original one from scratch, all while using the Nokia 7310 Supernova as one’s canvas.

Nokia Build

As usual for a Nokia site, Nokia Build is done completely with Flash animation. So there’s no way to use third-party translators for French to English. But if you know your French, you’re sure to have a blast going crazy with the design of the Nokia 7310 Supernova on it.

Nokia Build via Slippery Brick

Author: David Gonzales

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