Motorola Attila shows up in the wild

Slowly but surely, Motorola is easing away from the tired design of the old RAZR and looks ready to try something new. Their first QWERTY slider could be launching soon, in the form of the Motorola QA30, and now we find that the Motorola Attila, too, takes on a new approach in design.

If these leaked Motorola Attila pictures turn out to be of the real thing, that is. You see, while we here at Unwired View are as thirsty for new material as the next phone geek, we’re not entirely convinced that Motorola will launch a robust, iPhone clone-like handheld like this one as their official iPhone killer.

We have faith left in Motorola, no matter how little, and somehow know that they won’t (or shouldn’t) come out with a monstrosity such as this, if their successful days with the slim and sharp RAZR taught them any good.

The fact that the second photo we’ve embedded here shows the alleged Motorola Attila with a very iPhone-esque theme doesn’t help convince us either. With a theme like that, it might as well be just another clone, much like the Motorola Aura knock-off we spotted last week.

Well, if ever they get their chance, I’m sure Motorola will officially announce and release the Attila… some day. By then, we’ll find out if “antony3322@PhoneHK” was right all along.

PhoneHK via Engadget

Author: David Gonzales

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