Nokia E75 live pics leaked, again

We haven’t heard much about what’s next for Nokia’s business smartphones, and aside from the recently announced Nokia E63, there doesn’t seem to be any other models coming up in the horizon.

Except for the Nokia E75, that is. First uncovered in an advert with another unofficial handset that’s yet to be announced, the Nokia E72, here is the Nokia E75 again, live and in the metallic sliding flesh.

We’ve already seen the Nokia E75 in the wild before, but this new set of photos show us the handset and its new form factor (for a Nokia) in greater detail.

From the looks of it, the Nokia E75 is like an overgrown Nokia E66, and it’s not at all obvious that a full QWERTY keyboard is hiding underneath its alphanumeric keypad.

But while the presence of an easy to type on QWERTY keyboard may be a good thing, the 2.4-inch display could potentially be a deal breaker for many, especially those who have been spoiled by the larger screens on many other recent models.

Unfortunately, there isn’t more to learn about the Nokia E75 for now aside from what can be gathered from these leaked photos, but rest assured we’ll be on the lookout for more info in the coming weeks. Meanwhile, have at a couple more photos below.

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