Nokia officially announces 6260 slide with 5MP camera, AGPS, and Series 40 inside

Reusing yet another old model number designation, Nokia has officially announced a new feature-rich handset running Series 40. Called the Nokia 6260 Slide, this fine-looking slider phone boasts a 5-megapixel camera, the latest 3G technology with support for HSUPA and HSDPA networks, and built-in Wi-Fi for fast Internet connectivity.

The Nokia 6260 Slide also comes with a first for the Series 40 platform: GPS with A-GPS, that will not only enable users to pinpoint their exact locations on the map whenever, wherever, but will also facilitate geo-tagging of photos before they are shared through Nokia’s Ovi sharing service.

As usual for a Nokia, this will be more than just another bland phone. It has the great S40 music player, Internet browser, and a front-facing camera is also present for 3G calls. Note that in one of the photos, the little blue star used to activate the Nokia Maps application is also present on the phone’s left side, which is telling of how much Nokia wants to promote the addition of GPS on this new model.

The Nokia 6260 Slide is expected to come out in the beginning of 2009 for an estimated retail price of €299 (or about $386 USD) before taxes and subsidies. It wasn’t specified which markets exactly this model will appear first in, but being a mass market phone, it would probably be sold by Nokia worldwide.

Author: David Gonzales

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