Nokia on track to closing Symbian deal by year-end

Nokia’s 264 million euro offer to buy Symbian is on track, says chief development officer Mary McDowell, and should be in wrap-up mode by this year’s end.

The offer to acquire the last remaining shares of Symbian that still weren’t theirs was made by Nokia back in June. Since then, a number of other electronic companies have joined the original 10-member org to form the Symbian Foundation.

For Nokia, members of the Symbian Foundation, and the open-source community, this is a great development. Indeed, since Nokia plans to roll out the first devices powered by the Symbian Foundation’s OS as early as 2010, the deal should be settled even more earlier.

McDowell also hints that Nokia may reinforce their suite of Internet services, further commenting, “Clearly Internet services represent a revenue growth opportunity, (but it is) also a basis of competition in high-end devices.”

So, powerful, internet-enabled, and high-end, is probably what we can expect from Nokia and the Symbian Foundation in the future.

Via Reuters

Author: David Gonzales

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