Samsung BizBee – a new range of business phones for Europe

Samsung is getting more and more involved into the smartphone market, and a clear proof of this is its newly announced range of business handsets, called Samsung BizBee.

And while it might sound like it should designate a line-up of products for kids, Samsung is targeting the new range at “busy executives, who require a business mobile that offers optimum performance, 24/7, from any location.”

All the devices from the BizBee family will feature: all-in-one connectivity, a full QWERTY keyboard, email and other business capabilities.

The BizBee range will debut with a handset that’s not exactly new: Samsung i780, reviewed by UV months ago. So why did Samsung include it in the new range? Well, because it will come with Windows Mobile 6.1, unlike the current version which runs on the old WM 6.0 platform.


The WM 6.1 Samsung i780 will initially be released in the UK, Spain, Netherlands and the Nordic countries.

Starting late November, Samsung will launch an advertising campaign for its BizBee range. It will include, among others, print ads that showcase:

a lady sitting in a desert location; she is obviously some way from her office, but she is connected to her work via her BizBee handset. The slogan is simple – “This is my office”.

As for the other upcoming smartphones from the BizBee family, Samsung gave no further details. Guess we have to wait and see what they will bring.

Via Press release

Author: Ilinca Nita

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