Solar-powered iCharge eco to let you charge your phone in the wild

Have you ever wondered how all those unofficial handsets keep getting leaked in photos that were taken “in the wild?” Let me tell you.

First, a sneaky factory worker or someone who “gets around” will manage to acquire a prototype of a particular device, like say, the Motorola Atila, and will sneak it out into the streets for its photo-taking session.

Then, once the top-secret handset is out, there’s only one more thing to take care of. And that’s the battery, both for the unofficial handset in question and the digital camera that’s going to be used in taking photos of it.

Enter the iCharge eco, a new solar-powered 1,350 mAh battery that’s capable of delivering an output of DC5.0-5.5V/600 mA. It’s compatible with a slew of battery-powered mobile devices including the Sony PSP, Apple iPod, Nintendo DS Lite, a bunch of laptops, and mobile phones, of course!

With the iCharge eco, it takes around 3.5 hours to charge via AC Adaptor, 5 hours via USB, and 15 hours via solar panel. Not exactly as energy efficient or convenient as some of you might have expected, especially the 15-hour charging via solar panel part, but hey, at least it’ll make sure the sneaked-out phone is powered on in its leaked photos. Always keep one handy, and send in your tips here in the future!

Via Akihabara News

Author: David Gonzales

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