Samsung passes 10 million mark in high-res cameraphone sales

If you have any doubts about the general public’s interest in high megapixel cameraphones from Samsung these days, you probably haven’t heard the news yet.

Just recently, Samsung has proudly proclaimed that global sales of its high megapixel packing cameraphones have topped 10 million units this year, and that’s a considerable achievement.

It wasn’t specified how many units were sold exactly (i.e. number of 5-megapixel cameraphones sold versus number of 8 megapixel cameraphones sold), but it’s likely that 5MP units have sold more than the new 8MP ones.

These include the Symbian-powered Samsung Innov8, Samsung G810, Samsung F480, and also the recently announced M8800 Pixon.

According to a statement issued from Samsung, the company reached this milestone just at the end of the second week of this month.

Back in April, Nokia sold 10 million units of the original high-def cameraphone: the Nokia N95. Samsung’s performance right now isn’t half bad, considering the hype about high-end cameraphones these days have all but died.

Via Yonhap News

Author: David Gonzales

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