Quake III Arena now runs on S60 3rd Edition smartphones

Quake III Arena, one of the most popular multiplayer first-person shooter games ever, can now be played on Symbian S60 3rd Edition smartphones. Not on all of them, unfortunately, but only on those that have a TI OMAP 2420 processor: Nokia E90, Nokia N82 and Nokia N95 8GB.

The regular N95 is not included because, although it features the same processor, its RAM is insufficient to run Q3A.

Olli Hinkka, the developer who has ported the game, has though about everything and, in order to allow you to experience the best multiplayer gameplay, he added Bluetooth support for a keyboard and a mouse. So you can play Quake III Arena on any of the three mentioned phones and control it like you’d play on a PC.

If you want to download Quake III Arena for your S60 smartphone, visit Olli Hinkka’s webpage (I’ve noticed he has a version for Samsung Innov8 too).

Source: Symbian-freak

Author: Ilinca Nita

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