Skinny phone concept could make for a nice T-Mobile G1 2.0

Don’t you just love the design of the T-Mobile G1? Don’t you? No? I didn’t think so.

Let’s face it, the T-Mobile G1 might be a landmark device, considering it’s the very first Android-powered smartphone ever produced, but its design could use a little more sexing up.

So while those handsome folks from HTC are lazily letting their weekend pass by, here’s a concept that could help them in designing version two of what would have otherwise been known as the HTC Dream:

The Skinny phone by designer David Turpin pictured here features both a large touchscreen display that accepts user-input, as well as a full, sideways-sliding QWERTY keyboard. Sure, this design has been used in many other smartphones before, but none of all those real-world devices look as slim and sleek as this one. Especially not the T-Mobile G1.

If you look at it while closed, you’ll also notice that it kind of looks like an overgrown iPod Touch. Which technically could make it a concept for the iPhone, too.

Well, I think a design like this really belongs in the future of smartphones. It’s up to the smartphone makers to use it on any of their upcoming models, now.

Via Yanko Design

Author: David Gonzales

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  • Justin

    I would hate it. The keys aren't raised, and many of us who use QWERTY style keyboards do so because we can type without looking. That would be the same as typing on a storm.

  • YpoCaramel

    Way too simple with no memorable elements. You might not like the G1's design, but at least its easily recognizable.

  • sergio

    is it gonna come out and if so when

  • sergio

    is it gonna come out and if so when