Microsoft and Blockbuster to offer mobile movie services

In a world that’s going more and more mobile with each passing day, offering new mobile services is definitely a good way for lots of companies to increase their revenues.   

So it’s no wonder that Microsoft is now in talks with Blockbuster, the famous chain of DVD and video game rental stores, in order to develop a service that should provide instant access to any movie, via any handset that runs on Windows Mobile. 

According to The Dallas Morning News, Blockbuster intends to develop said services based on Microsoft’s Live Mesh platform. This uses a device’s Internet connection for data sharing, which means that the upcoming mobile movie services will only work on handsets that are connected to the Web.  


For the moment, there is no word on when the new services will be publicly available.

However, according to Keith Morrow, chief information officer at Blockbuster, the new technology could be first used in airports, allowing travelers to download movies via Blockbuster kiosks to their phones or PMPs. Sounds nice, isn’t it?  

Author: Ilinca Nita

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