Nokia 2608 CDMA phone announced

Wondering where all the new low-end Nokia CDMA phones have gone? So am I, but I’ve managed to get wind of the latest one that’s been announced, the Nokia 2608.

The Nokia 2608 is nothing short of unremarkable. It seems the only thing about it that will catch anyone’s attention is its color: fuchsia with a pink stripe dead center (though it will also be available in silver with green and black with blue).

It really is just a simple CDMA handset that functions as a handheld device to handle your calls and SMS. It will also function as a modem, FM radio, voice recorder, flashlight, and mobile organizer.

It is expected to be released during the first quarter of 2009 in select markets outside the US, at a still unspecified price. See it in detail in the gallery posted below.

Author: David Gonzales

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