Nokia World will see the launch of apparently unleakable new device, services?

We’ve leaked the Nokia E72 and E75. The Nokia E63 has already been officially announced. We know that the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic is already on its way to retail stores in select markets. What else could Nokia possibly have in store for us that hasn’t yet been leaked onto the Internets?!

A new device? A new service? Rumors points to a QWERTY touchscreen handset, but alas, we have no evidence. Other than the testimony of tech geek/blogger Robert Scoble, that is. The guy is in Barcelona, Spain right now, to take part in Nokia World, which starts tomorrow. He was met by a subtly cocky Nokia executive who had a few things to say about leaks and the Internet.

Apparently, Nokia has a top-secret, never-been-leaked-before device that’s going to debut during Nokia World in Barcelona. What series it belongs to, and what features it will bring, are a mystery. But its existence has been all but confirmed in a short convo between Scoble and the Nokia exec. A copy of how it happened is pasted below:

When we got here a Nokia executive met me and bragged that the Internet has no clue what they will announce this week. I asked “what about the touch screen cell phone that I’ve seen rumors about?” He said that no one had gotten it right yet. The announcements are on Wednesday morning (it’s early Monday morning as I post this) so we’ll have to wait to see what they announce. He told me this is one of the only times he can remember when a big announcement has not leaked. He said that even internally only a handful of people have seen the new device they’ll be announcing on Wednesday. Does that tactic sound familiar? It should, and is only one of the reasons why this is Nokia’s touchiest week.

Secretly, the Nokia exec is laughing at the Internets for being unable to uncover details about this new device. But hang tight, for we still have several hours left to do some digging. But leaked or not, whatever they’re planning should be made public soon enough.

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