Tactile iPhone case concept goes a long way to pleasing the visually impaired

Think you’ve got a cool iPhone case there, do you? Well, you probably haven’t seen the Silicon Touch iPhone case. A case that’s so cool, it deserves its own iPhone app.

This interesting iPhone case is actually just a concept, made by designer Bruno Fosi, and the idea behind it is to help the blind or visually impaired to use and enjoy their sophisticated touchscreen smartphone from Apple.

Working in coordination with its own iPhone app, this concept iPhone case should allow special accessibility functions such as text-to-speech features, and a tactile QWERTY keyboard that’s not really a QWERTY.

And just like the iPhone, this iPhone case is dead simple. The icons and all other “keys” are carved out in bas-relief fashion, ensuring tactile feedback. Unfortunately, if any evil-doers ever think of snatching a like-equipped iPhone from the hand of a blind man using it, it doesn’t appear to have any security features whatsoever.

Yanko Design via Textually

Author: David Gonzales

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