Apple allows developers to provide free copies of iPhone apps through App Store

Want an easy way to download paid iPhone apps for free? Look no further than the App Store. Apple has now given developers a way to let users download their apps free of charge via the App Store, by using redeemable codes just like those already in use with free iTunes albums.

This method replaces the old and meticulous process of Ad-hoc distribution, and keeps developers from having to issue iTunes gift certificates just to let users download their iPhone applications for free. At the moment it only works for the U.S. iTunes Store, with no word on whether Apple plans to expand the service in the future.

Developers can give away up to 50 promotional codes that can be redeemed via the Redeem link near the top of the U.S. iTunes store. With this, anyone may download a full copy of an iPhone application for free.

So there you have it. Paid iPhone apps can now be had for free, but it’s up to you to find out when they’re available and how to get them as outlined above.

Via MacRumors

Author: David Gonzales

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