Nokia dismisses Android, eyes Linux for its high-end phones

On the day Nokia unveiled the power-packed Nokia N97 in Barcelona, vice president at Nokia’s markets unit Ukko Lappalainen took time to comment on the possibility of seeing Linux on more of their phones, as well as the open-source Google Android platform.

In an interview with Reuters, Lappalainen did all but confirm the existence of an upcoming high-end Nokia with Linux on-board instead of Symbian. “In the longer perspective, Linux will become a serious alternative for our high-end phones,” said Lappalainen.

Nokia already uses Linux maemo on its niche line of Internet tablets, but so far the company shows no signs of wanting to expand the use of maemo to its other handsets, specifically those from the Nseries and Eseries.

Since Google’s open-source Android platform is based on Linux, the question of somehow having Android on one of Nokia’s phones wasn’t entirely out of the question. But Lappalainen quickly dismissed it, saying Nokia was likely to stick to its own Linux development. “I don’t see anything in Android which would make it better than Linux maemo,” was his most resounding comment on the subject.

Via Reuters

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