Rumor: $99 iPhone coming to Wal-mart

Apple has worked real hard with carriers such as AT&T in the United States in order to bring down the price of the iPhone to the proud $199 that it is today. Why, without it, Apple’s famous line, “twice as fast, half the price,” wouldn’t even exist. No, sir.

But guess what? For a lot of people, $199 still isn’t low enough. But how about $99? Would you buy an iPhone if it was sold for $99, at Wal-mart? That’s the latest rumor being sold all over the Apple-sphere right now. That Wal-mart will sell the iPhone for only $99.

How in the world can Wal-mart sell the iPhone for only $99? Simple. They’ll sell the old, discontinued 4GB model. At least that’s what rumors are stating.

Fact is, none of this can be confirmed from neither Apple nor Wal-mart. But the biggest question on my mind right now: will this 4GB iPhone be of the EDGE variety, or 3G? Because as far as I know, 4GB iPhone 3Gs never existed. Could Apple have really gone through all the trouble of manufacturing brand-new 4GB iPhone 3Gs for Wal-mart? Or are they just going to go with the original, first-generation models that they somehow still have on-stock? Beats me.

December 28th is when Wal-mart is expected to start offering their iPhones, so we should find out soon enough.


Author: David Gonzales

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