Apple says iPhone App Store’s got “over 300 million” served

As of today, you can count on finding 10,000 applications available to download for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Shocking? Not really, but consider this: those 10,000 apps have been downloaded by users for over 300 million times.

At least that’s what Apple is saying, which eagle-eyed CNBC tech reporter Jim Goldman spotted in the fine print of Apple’s new ad in the Business Section of the New York Times.

Just less than three months ago, during the company’s recent conference call, Apple said it was on track to having its 200 millionth iPhone app downloaded. Well, lo and behold, we are now on 300 million, and it doesn’t look like the ride will slow down any time.

For users who value the usability and overall usefulness of their phone, this makes the iPhone even more compelling.

Before the iPhone, there was virtually no such thing as an App Store, where users can download additional programs (either for free or for a fee) easily and directly from their devices. The iPhone App store is working so well, that independent developers have found it their new haven. For where else could you build and offer application for kids then make a quarter of a million dollars in a short amount of time? Only in the App store.

The iPhone App store is looking more and more like it will play a large part in Apple’s future. That, or it will be the future for digital downloads for smartphones as we know it.

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Author: David Gonzales

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