Flickr mobile site updated, now allows video playback

Any cam-addicted mobile phone user should be familiar with Flickr’s mobile web site. It’s been available for basically every web-enabled mobile phone in existence, but is the user-experience any good? It is now.

Yahoo! has announced that it has rolled out a new, which according to them, has been “radically overhauled.” Other than being snappier, with support for a wider range of phones and browsers, Flickr mobile now supports video playback.

That’s right. Users will now be able to play their (or other users’) video on Flickr’s mobile web site, directly from their phones.

Currently, the video playback feature is only available for videos uploaded in the last two days, but Yahoo! clarified that they’re working on making it available for all videos, even those uploaded before the update.

You can try it out by getting your mobile device and navigating to

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Author: David Gonzales

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