Add-ons now available for minifring

Today, fring has officially announced (through its official blog) the availability of add-ons for its mobile VoIP application, minifring. And just like it says in its name, an add-on will add more functionality to the already very useful mobile VoIP app.

Among the very first fring add-ons are Facebook, Gmail notifier, Orkut and Yandex.mail notifier. More of such are definitely coming, and all of this is made possible with the help of the recently released fringAPI. Developers are already working on even more add-ons, no doubt.

Add-on downloads can be done directly from a user’s device, by going to (for Sony Ericsson users) More > Settings > Manage add-ons or (for Nokia users) Options > Settings > Manage add-ons. And oh, don’t forget to upgrade to the latest version of minifring first to enjoy these add-ons.

Via Fring Blog

Author: David Gonzales

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