Belgian pharmaceutical company unveils E-waves chip to counter phone radiation

While the majority of the cellphone-using public still isn’t exactly sure whether handsets really do cause funny things to happen with excessive use, a Belgian health products distributor called Omega Pharma offers a solution.

Their new product, called the E-waves chip, is said to be a built-specifically-for-the-mobile chip that will counter radiation from mobile phones. Earlier tests of the chip showed that it offsets the electromagnetic radiation from handsets, and therefore lessens symptoms such as headaches and loss of concentration, that would have otherwise been associated with mobile phone use.

The E-waves chip works so well, in fact, that it can even neutralize the heating effect within the body produced by electromagnetic signals. Or so the company says.

Commercial testing of this new mobile phone chip will start Wednesday, and it 38.95 euros ($50.1). That sure is one expensive chip, as many low-end phones nowadays cost even less than its suggested retail price.

But it should be well worth it, provided that customers feel its stated effects (or stop feeling the things it’s trying to prevent).

Via Reuters

Author: David Gonzales

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  • letman

    BULLSHIT. I feel sorry for the people that buy it. Easy money-making on the poor (in their head that is)

  • Jan

    This is a fraud. These chips and other gadgets do nothing at all.

    If you have complaints and think non-thermal non-ionising radiation like by the gsm is the cause, the only rational actions are put the source of the radiation off, use a 'cage of Faraday' as a protection or leave to a better place with less radiation.

  • Bobo

    My tin foil helmet works better

  • Bobo

    My tin foil helmet works better