Mobion fuel cell charger will charge your gadgets on the go

If extra batteries or external battery packs aren’t your thing, then you might want to take a look at the recently announced Mobion fuel cell charger. It’s a nifty pocket-sized device that will charge equally diminutive gadgets, like cellphones, MP3 players, and digital cameras on the fly. This is also said to be the world’s first with a removable cartridge.

MTI MicroFuel Cells, the company behind it, claims that it will give juice to a cellphone up to ten times on a single charge. How it works isn’t exactly magic, rather, it’s powered by a 100% methanol fuel-based chip that’s covered on all sides with 110 patents on intellectual property on which it is based from.

This handy little gizmo fits in the hand just like a standard external hard drive, as seen in the photo above. MTI MicroFuel Cells says that the Mobion is scheduled to start shipping by the end of next year, though it could happen earlier depending on what happens with their current funding situation.

Currently, MTI MicroFuel Cells are said to be running out of funds, which it gets from Samsung. Now if Samsung would step in to take over, or maybe even just give more cash, we would be seeing the Mobion’s first shipments happen in twelve months or sooner.

Via Computerworld

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