New TRRAM technology could bring transparent, flexible phones like Nokia Morph

When the Nokia Morph concept first appeared on the Web, almost everyone thought that it’s impossible for a manufacturer to create such a phone with today’s technology – obviously because said phone should be transparent and flexible.

But what if it’s actually possible for such a device to be built and to function as a normal, every-day phone?

Reporting about the latest achievement of the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Cellular News says that a group of scientists have developed a chip almost completely transparent.

The chip uses a new TRRAM (transparent resistive random access memory) technology that’s presented by the American Institute of Physics in the latest issue of Applied Physics Letters.

Although it has a high level of transparency, the new chip is similar to CMOS chips, thus it can store non-volatile memory and it can be used in manufacturing various devices – cell phones included.

The Korean Institute is working on combining flexible materials with the new TRRAM technology, which means that a phone like Nokia Morph could indeed be built.

Nokia Morph

“It is a new milestone of transparent electronic systems. By integrating TRRAM device with other transparent electronic components, we can create a total see-through embedded electronic system,” states Jung Won Seo, one of the Korean researchers.

TRRAM devices might be available in 3 or 4 years, so I guess we should expect really awesome products to come our way. 

Author: Ilinca Nita

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