Verizon to start deploying next-generation LTE in 2009

After initial tests conducted with handset maker Motorola a few months back, Verizon Wireless is eyeing 2009 as the right time to start deploying LTE wireless broadband. This would make them the first carrier in the U.S. to offer LTE, even beating Japan’s own NTT DoCoMo.

LTE is going to be sort of a competing solution to Sprint’s WiMAX network, though Motorola’s LTE solution actually supports that other option as well. Multiple megabits per second of throughput is what can be expected of this new development.

Quoting a statement from Dick Lynch, executive vice president and chief technology officer of Verizon Communications, “We expect that LTE will actually be in service somewhere here in the U.S. probably this time next year.”

Shortly after their deployment of LTE, it is said that Verizon will move on to work on femtocells to enhance cellular network connectivity indoors. Lynch further adds that these femtocells will probably will include built-in Wi-Fi, which means users will have more options for broadband delivery in the home.

With all this, and the inclusion of Asocs’s all-in-one processor and antenna that can be updated through software, and we’ll have a great combination for future wireless networking.

Via PC World

Author: David Gonzales

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