Virgin Mobile’s “Texts into Space” service will send your texts into space

Powerful messages can live on forever. Cavemen did it with rocks and cave drawings. Now Virgin Mobile wants us to do it through space. Outer space, that is.

Virgin Mobile is boldly going where no carrier has gone before, and has just officially announced the launch of its “Texts into Space” service. This new service lets users literally send messages through text to outer space, via a satellite Earth Station in Cornwall by web site

The idea behind this new service is to make a user’s messages last forever, no matter what it says or what the real intent of its sender is beneath the surface. “Once sent you can ensure your message will live on eternally, a concept that will surely touch the recipients heart,” says Virgin.

This service costs something, of course, and that’s £9.95 or about $15 USD. 80995 is the number to send the messages to, and the message recipient can count on receiving a formal “Certificate of Transmission” as proof of the eternal message that he/she will never really receive has gone into orbit.

This service, launching just in time for Christmas, is a great idea. But if you’re more conventional, you can just scrawl on some random piece of tissue paper, throw it into a deep well or river and say it’s forever. Because after all, who’s to say these “eternal” messages won’t get hit by an asteroid, or something?

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Author: David Gonzales

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