Motorola V750 now available on Telus

During these tough times, fairly affordable tough phones have become quite a rarity. However, Motorola is working quietly to fill this small gap in the mobile phone market, with the Motorola Adventure V750.

This rugged and rather good-looking clamshell phone has made an appearance on Verizon’s line-up a few months back, and now it’s just been made available on Canada’s Telus mobile network. This phone is available with 1-year (for $349.99), 2-year (for $299.99), and 3-year (for $149.99) contracts or unlocked and contract-free for $399.99.

For its price, the Motorola V750 boasts a military-grade shock-proof, dust-proof, and vibration-proof casing that weighs only a measly 111 grams. Of course, typical mobile phone features are also on-board, as well as a 2-megapixel camera, 2.5mm headphone jack and support for up to 8GB memory.

If you want a phone that can last as long as its contract, or even longer, this is one model that you should definitely look into.

Telus via Mobile Syrup

Author: David Gonzales

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