Nokia to get into USB modem dongle business in early 2009

The market for 3G USB modems is fast growing, and Nokia isn’t about to let market leader Huawei take home all of the benefits. Though it should be working closely on its Symbian Foundation OS for smartphones and the ultimate iPhone killer, Nokia has announced its plans to enter the dongle business early next year.

A report from Reuters cites Tapio Markki, vice president for hardware platform components at Nokia, as saying that “Nokia will start to ship its first Internet stick in early 2009, aiming to benefit from its know-how and experience in developing 3G technologies.”

Markki further comments:

“Leveraging these capabilities, we believe we are well-positioned to become one of the winning providers for HSPA modem solutions. The market for HSPA modems is expected to grow very rapidly during the coming years,”

These will be sold mostly through operators and bundled with services, according to Nokia.

At the moment, Nokia hasn’t specified how much it plans to sell these external USB modems, otherwise known as dongles, and it is not known whether these will be cheaper or more expensive than the competition. But knowing from first hand experience that Nokia devices with HSDPA capabilities are truly speedy and reliable, these upcoming products should be interesting to watch out for.

Author: David Gonzales

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